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Let me start this out by saying, most of the time when anyone introduces themselves, I constantly have this video playing in my head and silently want to scream WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE I AM in their face. Anyway, hi hello. My name is Faiza Kracheni. I am a twenty-something year old punker who pays too much fucking money to live in Austin, Texas but refuse to move away from my hometown. Don’t ever call me a goddamn “unicorn” for that either (side note: you probably won’t get that unless you live in Austin).

When I am not writing blogs about food, full of cuss words and being the most punk person on earth, I am being the most punk person on earth caring about shit like access to education, non-profit work and screaming my head off in about the garbage world we live in with Body Pressure and Bondage.

Here is a slightly pixelated photo of me lowkey giving you the bird which I promise to do in every single post on this blog:

IMG_3650 (1).PNG


Love, FK