Who eats the barley? Who eats the grain?

If you’re from Texas, you’ve probably of heard of migas. Traditionally, it is a dish consisting of eggs and depending on where you’re getting it from – a mix of peppers and onion topped with queso or salsa along side tortillas. My grandmother Mercedes Delgado goddamn Vargas was from Mexico and didn’t really fuck around with migas. Truth be told, it’s a very “tex mex” dish. Don’t get me wrong, she fucked with a lot of tex mex but migas wasn’t one of them. Migas were never a family staple unlike menudo, caldo, fiedo, arroz con pollo, and chorizo but that doesn’t mean I don’t fucking looooove them. I didn’t have migas until I was old enough to get a job, go to Tamale House and order whatever the hell I wanted. For $3, you could get a plate smothered in migas, beans and potatoes. Well, those days are loooong gone. I don’t fuck with eggs anymore and if you don’t either – here’s a recipe I managed to write down after sleeping 4 hours after This is Austin, Not the Great. Enjoy, punker.

Start by laying awake at 5am after you played a show in 18 degree weather and thinking about MIGAS. Dream about MIGAS. Wake up and realize you only have silken tofu then cry to your partner who is hungover, to go get tofu only to discover that there’s a frozen container of tofu in the fridge from sometime in the last year. Say fuck it and use the mysterious tofu.
Take the tofu and thaw it! Drain it of excess water. Tip: when you freeze then thaw tofu it retains less water and stays together a bit better, doesn’t really matter for this dish but just a heads up.

Crumble your tofu in a bowl with your hands like a savage then set it aside. Chop some garlic, half an onion and add a tiny bit of oil in a frying pan and heat it up! Sautéed until it starts smelling delicious then add your tofu. Mix it alllll up! Cook for 1-2 minutes while thinking about what kinds of spices you want to use. I used turmeric because it’s really fucking good for you but also tints the tofu to have a yellow eggy color. I just dashed it around. I also used: a lil cumin, garlic powder, onion powder, smoked paprika, fresh ground pepper, ground pink Himalayan salt and probably a couple of other things I am forgetting – remember, I had 4 goddamn hours of sleep sandwiched between my partner and two really smelly dogs. I mixed all the spices in thoroughly then added 2 handfuls of nutritional yeast and mixed again.  Next, I added like 1/4 cup of water and cooked for around 5 minutes. While that cooked, I sliced some corn tortillas into strips, heated 1 tablespoon of oil and fried them babies until nice and crispy using a smaller frying pan (that was bit shallow). I placed them on a paper towel afterwards to drain excess oil.

I forgot to mention I had also diced 1 jalapeño that had been deseeded and 1/2 red bell pepper and some cherry tomatoes. I added this in towards the end because I still wanted them to be a lil crunchy and  a handful of spinach! I try to add in greens whenever I can. A little spinach in your migas never hurt anymore.  While that was finishing up, I took 1 slice of Chao (original) and folded it up into a  teeny tiny little square then grated the fuck out of itttttt – why pay more for grated cheeses?

Mix your corn tortilla slices in with your tofu and cook about 1 minute, top with a bit of cilantro and then discover you’re out of Cholula. Serve with warm tortillas.

vegan migasss.jpg

Pairs nicely with a heaping tablespoon of one of my favorite Texas punk bands, Criaturas.



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  1. Karima Anaya #
    January 17, 2017

    Presentation on point! Yum yum


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